To keep our neighbors safe and well, we are meeting outside for worship.
Join us each Sunday at 11am at the CRT Theatron (Loma St. across from K-Belle).
Bring a blanket/chair and a hot beverage, if you like.
If you don't have a mask, one will be provided.
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Meet for worship at the CRT Theatron on Sundays at 11!

2nd Sunday of Easter

Raised with Wounds

John 20:19-30


Sarah B. Linn

Apr. 11, 2021

Palm Sunday

Walking at the Pace of Jesus

Mark 11:1-11


Sarah B. Linn

Mar. 28, 2021

3rd Sunday of Easter

Recognizing Resurrection

Luke 24:36-48


Sarah B. Linn

Apr. 18, 2021

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