As a strong, small church, the Creede Community Church is a congregation committed to the various ministries we’ve shared and to the way of Christ. To promote unity within the Body of Christ, we seek always to work cooperatively with other congregations and organizations in our community.


We know we can always minister more together than we could hope to alone.

Church Board & Officers

Moderator: Rhonda Foale; Vice Moderator: Jamie McLeroy

Treasurer: Therese Hargraves; Clerk: Lori Heinrich

The Board consists of all members of the standing church committees. We meet monthly to review finances and current projects, receive reports, and approve plans for the future.



The Deacons oversee Church worship and the care of those who attend. Deacons also meet with applicants for membership. Deacons oversee the Worship Team and Music and Choir.

Current Deacons: Creede Hargraves, chair; Lauren Sheldrake; Bethany Andre; Billy Fairchild; Scott Lamb, Linda Walker


The Trustees have oversight of budget and financial matters, stewardship, and maintenance of the physical plant. Trustees oversee the House Committee, annual Stewardship Campaign, and the Pastoral Relations Committee.

Current Trustees: Jim VanRy, chair; Doug Hammett-Lair; George Ameel; John Paysse; Margaret Phillips; Lori Dooley

Ministry Teams

Christian Life Education (& Safe Church Team): Debbie Whitmore, chair;

Mission and Outreach (&Helping Hands): Judy Blanch, chair; and

Ladies Aid Society: Lori Dooley, President; Jenny VanRy, Vice President


For more information, contact a Board Member or Officer.

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(719) 658-2209

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