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Ladies Aid Society

Supporting Creede Community Church and the wider community since 1899!

Ladies Aid Society

Creede Community Church established a "Ladies Auxiliary" in 1899 that eventually became the Ladies Aid Society - now with over 90 members. CCC oversees the activities of LAS, which include: providing meals to the sick and bereaved, disbursing funds for medical needs, helping send kids to camp, and collecting toiletries in support of migrant workers.


Ladies Aid is an all-volunteer organization whose membership is open to all the women of our community. The Ladies Aid annual Rummage Sale and Bazaar each July provides most of the funds for LAS, as well as a portion of CCC’s budget.


Thanks to the Ladies (and quite a few men who help) for all they do near and far! 

LAS meets on the first Friday of the month (September - May) at 10am in Fellowship Hall. 

For more information, visit our Facebook page:

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