Rev. Sarah B. Linn has 20 years of experience in international Christian relief and development in over a dozen countries. From 2003-2009, she lived and worked in the Republic of Yemen, studying Arabic and starting a network of adult vocational training schools. 

She received her M.Div degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2011, having completed the bulk of her studies at Fuller's Colorado Springs campus.

Sarah moved to "the" Springs in the mid '90's and it was there that she fell in love with the mountains, clean air and stunning beauty of Colorado. She was ordained in 2013 in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and served in Michigan for almost 4 years before finding her way back "home" to Creede in May, 2017!

Wednesday Word

December 4, 2019:


This Sunday: “Neighbors in NeedSpecial UCC Mission giving opportunity.


Dedicate a poinsettia!

We have red poinsettias adorning our sanctuary from Dec. 8 through Christmas Eve. Sign up at church to dedicate one or more in honor or memory of a loved one; $20 each.


Wednesday Word:


God’s kingdom seeks to overcome barriers.

This is why Jesus … displays unbounded

love and kindness toward [sinners];

he never ceases to believe in the possibility

of their turning from their sin.

But he is uncompromising with hypocrites,

that is, with the spiritually proud

who have no love for their brothers and sisters.

-- André Trocmé, Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution



This week, the 2nd week of Advent, is known as the Sunday of Peace. But when John the Baptizer (Matthew 3:1-12) announces the arrival of the promised Messiah, he turns on the Pharisees and Sadducees, shakes his boney finger at them, and calls them a “brood of vipers.” At first glance, that doesn’t sound very peaceable!


John challenges these power-hungry religious hypocrits to live in the humility of Christ. We’re not going to secure God’s purposes by coercive means. If we are to make peace in the world, we need to follow the Prince of Peace, who comes near in humility and voluntary self-donation. John the Baptizer insists: don’t settle for knowing about God’s love; know God in real life. Let the reality of God’s living presence, rather than worldly ambition, animate everything about your actions, attitudes, and ambitions (this is what “repentance” means). Take in the tenacious love of God; embody it, and allow it to light the world.


Everything else is just kindling.


See you Sunday,


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