Rev. Sarah B. Linn has 20 years of experience in international Christian relief and development in over a dozen countries. From 2003-2009, she lived and worked in the Republic of Yemen, studying Arabic and starting a network of adult vocational training centers. 

She received her M.Div degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, having completed the bulk of her studies at Fuller's Colorado Springs campus. She is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK.

Sarah lived in "the" Springs for about 7 years, starting in the late '90's; it was there that she fell in love with the mountains, clean air, and stunning beauty of Colorado. After returning from Yemen, she was ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and served a congregation in SE Michigan for almost 4 years before moving to Creede in 2017.

The important thing about Sarah is that she loves Jesus. The most important thing is that Jesus loves her.

Wed. Word - June 16

For all that has been, thanks.

To all that shall be, yes.

-- Dag Hammarskjold


In recent weeks, we’ve read in Mark 3 and 4 about different sides of the same coin: following Jesus mindfully and intentionally, yet living in peace, leaving “results” to God. This Sunday, we’re looking at the coin itself (Mark 4:35-41).


See you on Sunday at 9:30 and/or 11!


Wed. Word - June 9

If you're loved by someone,

you're never rejected.

-- The Avett Brothers


Though our feelings come and go,

God’s love for us does not.

--C. S. Lewis


This Sunday, we’re focusing on Mark 4:26-34, which complements last week’s text in an interesting way. If last week's was aimed at people who need a swift kick to get moving, this week's is aimed at workaholics!


Join us on Sunday in the sanctuary at 9:30 and/or 11 and celebrate the One who meets us right where we are!