Our Story

The Creede Community Church (CCC) was established in the early days of the City of Creede, when silver worth millions was being brought out of the surrounding mountains. In 1892, the first worship service in town was held in a local cabin and led by a minister from the Congregational Home Mission office in Denver. The first baptism took place a year later, and on August 5, 1894, a group of citizens lead by W. T. Patchell filed an affidavit incorporating "Creede Congregational Church."

Stories are told of children going into the bars of Creede, of which there were many, to collect money to build and furnish "a church house." The cornerstone was laid on May 30, 1905. The sanctuary was in service the following winter, and our beautiful building, which has since become affectionately known as “The Red Church,” was finally dedicated on June 30, 1912. The original piano still graces our sanctuary.


Average attendance in regular worship services varies from around 40 in the winter to 100 in the summer. The seasonal variation results from our congregation being made up of three distinct groups:

  • Year-rounders: full-time Creede residents;

  • Seasonal residents: people who are active in the church each summer and consider CCC their “other” church home. A number of summer residents have dual memberships with CCC and their home church; and

  • Local non-members: who attend and claim CCC as their church.