Sunday Schedule

  • 10am: Choir Practice

  • 11am: Worship & Sunday School (yrs 3-12)

  • 1st Sunday: Potluck after church

  • 2nd Sunday: Open Communion

 Wish List

  • Cleaners - we go through a lot of cleaners

  • Mop & Glo OR Pledge 4-in-1 Floor Care for wood floors

  • Windex

  • Swifter Wet Jet liquid cleaner refills

  • Hand soap (not anti-bacterial)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Lotion

  • Tissues 

  • Regular (not decaf) Coffee


If you would like to pick up and donate these items, great! If you need a donation record for your taxes, give Sherrie a copy of your receipt.


If you are not in town but would like to help, you may designate that your donation be used for purchasing supplies.


Thanks for supporting

Creede Community Church!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 16:

  • 9am - Alcoholics Anonymous in Fellowship Hall

Sunday, November 17:

  • 10am - Choir Practice

  • 11am - Worship Service

  • 12pm - Board Meeting in Fellowship Hall

Monday, November 18:

  • 5:15pm - Community Choir Practice for the Community Christmas Celebration

  • 7pm – Alcoholics Anonyous in Fellowship Hall

​​Tuesday, November 19:

  • 10am - Sewing Sisters in Fellowship Hall

Wednesday, November 20:​ 

  • 1pm - Snowbirds and Friends: card games in Fellowship Hall

  • 5:15pm - Community Choir Practice for the Community Christmas Celebration

Thursday, November 21:

  • 7pm - Alcoholics Anonymous in Fellowship Hall

Saturday, November 23:

  • 9am - Alcoholics Anonymous in Fellowship Hall

Mark Your Calendar:

Community Thanksgiving Service and Socksgiving offering - Sunday, Nov. 24 a;t 11am at The Ruth

Community Christmas Celebration - Wednesday, December 11 at 6:30pm at the Red Church


410 South Main Street Creede, CO 81130

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